Barrel pump

Barrel pump – Barrel drainage pump 

Pump drum is a part of centrifuge pumps that are easily portable.

These pumps are often use to drain all kinds of fluids, such as acids, bases, solvents, petroleum products and flammable liquids, often from barrels and drums.

In many industries, due to the size limitation of barrel doors one of the main problems is the drainage of barrels containing diluted or thickened materials. Bohlul pump offers this barrel pump to meet this demand.

The barrel pumps are designed in such a way to allow the material to be drained by entering the main part of the pump into the barrel. Its is Obviously, the dimensions of the body and the weight of the pump are such that the worker can easily evacuate the pump from the embedded barrel and easily drain the barrel

Advantages of the barrel Pumps


1.Easy to transport and movement

2.Variations in launchers: three phases, single phase, wind

3.Easy to use
4. The right price
5- Suitable for use in high humidity environments
6- Suitable for corrosive liquids
7- Transfer of materials to a very thick
8. Transfer of solid particles
9-Output equipped with a hinge
10. Non-damage to sensitive tissue
11. Self-suction
12. Low depreciation

 Pump Drains components



– Connecting rod and coupling

– Leakage
. Suction and drainage box
Engine and gearbox

Technical Specifications drain pump

Capacity and pressure:
Capacity up to 2000 lit / h
Press up to 4 bar
materials and structure:
Body and parts of the operator
Stainless Steel

Special alloys


Different types of nbr and sbr rubber depending on type of material
Mechanical Seal Mechanical Seal

Controlling the pump capacity:

Frequency Inventor control

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