Dosing pumps

Dosing pumps

Dosing pumps can be used in almost all industries to transfer precisely at very low capacity. These pumps are suitable for pumping with low volatility for the transport of diluted materials to highly viscous materials with solid particles or chemicals that have chemical corrosivity.

Capacity: from 1 lit / h to 1000 lit / h (more capacities are custom made).
Pressure: Up to 20 bar (additional pressures are custom made).
These pumps are made of small size car with a motor and gearbox.

The actuators of these pumps are electrically powered (electromotor), solar (electromagnetic), hydraulic or pneumatic.
It is important to note that in the centrifugal pumps, the pressure changes, the discharge also changes, so it is not suitable for use as a dosing pump.


Dosing Pump Equipment and accessories 

Most dosing pumps have a safe valve for protection, which act at an outlet pressure when the excess is exceeded.

Pulse Dampers

dosing pumps are positive displacement pumps and thus output pulses. By these modulators (dampers), the flow of the output becomes closer to the linear and constant state.

Back Pressure valves

            In cases where difference in pressure and discharging pressure is less than 1.5 times, it is used. This type of valve causes the fluid to flow out due to the low pressure of the thrust line.


At the beginning, the pump is installed and prevents the introduction of particles and contaminants to the pump.

General information about electromotor application of dosing pump

Water & Wastewater refinery Systems

In the water treatment(refinery) systems injecting the boilers and injection of materials to adjust PH and prevent corrosion.

Sodium Hypochlorite (Naocl) Javel Water or Vitax for Equipment Used in Water and Inside Industries, Water Disinfection

Aluminum sulfate, Aluminum chloride sulfate hydroxide for coagulation

Anti-scalant, to prevent sedimentation in RO systems

Acids and alkaline substances to control pH

Potassium permanganate to eliminate manganese and iron

Polyphosphate to prevent water hardness

Lime Milk to control pH

Sodium thiosulfate to eliminate water-soluble oxygen

Baking Soda, Caustic (Sodium Hydroxide Caustic or NAOH) to remove cyanide and water-soluble metal materials and adjust pH

Dosing pump for food industry

In the production of beverages, injection of various enzymes, injection of acids for pH adjustment, anti-foaming injections to fill bottles, injecting syrups, injecting fruit concentrates  

Dosing pump for sugarcane industry

Acid washing, in the process of cleaning (acid injection)

Caustic Soda or Castile, washing and cleaning the effects of syrups (cystic injections)

sugar processing systems for water and wastewater treatment

Dosing pump for chemical industry and dosing pump for petrochemicals

Injection of various types of acids, sulfuric, nitric and … to adjust pH or polymerization

Injection of paints (Paints & Dyes) to gasoline

Antiknock injection and alcohol to gasoline

Dosing Pumps for wood industries and Paper Production and Paper Finishing

Injection of titanium dioxide in the manufacture of thin paper

Injection of Kalinic as filler and paper filler

Resin injection to increase the resistance of paper against water penetration

Chlorine injection for bleaching

Injection of color

Dosing Pumps for Pharmaceutical Industry

To inject a specified dose of fluid into various processes

Dosing pump for food industry

To inject different types of chemicals, solvents as well as in textile, ventilation and refrigeration industries, electronics, galvanized sheets, pools


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