dense materials pumps

dense materials mono pumps

The mono Pump Model P-type materials was designed for medium-viscosity with solid particles or fibrous filaments. In the event that mono pumps are used when the entered materials wich are self-priming, so that the created suction at the rotor and stator location guarantees a continuous flow of materials.

In this model, the front winch has been removed from the power transmission shaft.
The use of this  dense materials and Concentrated Submersible Pump Menu as it follows:

Paste pump, concentrate pump, suspension pump, honey pump, dough pump, drill pump and …

Technical Specifications Mono Pump P-type:

Capacity and pressure

Capacity from 2 m3 / h – 200 m3 / h

Pressure from 2 bar – 20 bar 


Specifications material of mono Pump P-type

Parts: The body hinges of the machine are made of abrasion resistant steel and corrosion resistant alloys such as ss304, ss316 and custom alloys.

Stator: Various types of NBR-VITON-EPDM rubbers

Sealing: mechanical Seal or Gland Paching

Specifications of the driving force for mono pump P-type

Transmission of power by variable speed or pulley gearboxes and Frequency control of the lnverter


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